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The Greek Alphabet

Name Capital Lowercase Examples in use
alpha Α α Angles, angular acceleration
beta Β β Angles, coefficients
gamma Γ γ Shear strain, surface tension, kinematic viscosity
delta Δ δ Differences, damping coefficient
epsilon Ε ε Linear strain
zeta Ζ ζ  
eta Η η Dynamic viscosity, efficiency
theta Θ θ Angles, temperature, volume, strain
iota Ι ι Compressibility
kappa Κ κ Wavelength, thermal conductivity
lambda Λ λ Poissons ratio, coefficient of friction
mu Μ μ Dynamic viscosity
nu Ν ν  
xi Ξ ξ Ξ ξ  
omicron Ο ο  
pi Π π Mathematical constant
rho Ρ ρ Density
sigma Σ σ Normal stress, standard deviation
tau Τ τ Shear stress
upsilon Υ υ  
phi Φ φ Angles, rate of heat flow, potential energy
chi Χ χ  
psi Ψ ψ Helix angle
omega Ω ω Angular velocity, solid angle, electrical resistance

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