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Basic Steel Selection Based on BS 970

Carbon steel


BS 970 230M07
(EN 1 A)

A low carbon, free cutting, mild steel suitable for machining using automatic and CNC machines.
Available as rolled or normalised in round, flat or hexagon form.

BS 970 070M20
(EN 3 A)

A mild steel used for general purposes.  Suitable for lightly stressed fasteners, shafts ect.  Can be easily machined and welded.  Available hot rolled, normalised, cold drawn or turned.  Supplied in black round or square, bright round square, flat and hexagon.

BS 970 080M30
(EN 5/EN 6)

A medium strength steel.  Used to make shafts, racks, pinions, studs, bolts, nuts, rollers ect.  Supplied as square bar, round bar or flat.

BS 970 080M40
(EN 8)

A medium strength steel.  Suitable for stressed pins, shafts, studs, keys ect.  Available as rolled or normalised.  Supplied as square bar, flat bar  or round bar.

BS 970 070M55
(EN 9)

A hardwearing medium carbon steel which can be hardened.  Available as hot rolled, normalised, cold drawn or turned.  Sections available black round, black square, bright round and black flat.

BS 970 080M15
(EN 32)

A case hardening mild steel suitable for General Engineering applications.  When case hardened results in a hard surface with a tough core.  Used for making gears, cams and rollers ect.  Supplied as black round bar and sections.

Alloy steel


BS 970 605M36
(EN 16)

A manganese molybdenum steel with good Ductility and mechanical strength.  Available in heat treated condition e.g.  (R, S, T).  Supplied as black round or square bar and bright round, square and hexagons.

BS 970 709M40
(EN 19)

A one per cent typical chromium molybdenum steel with higher molybdenum.  Can be induction hardened. 

Main uses: Suitable for gears, shafts, spindles, etc

BS 970 817M40
(EN 24)

A nickel chromium molybdenum steel with high strength and toughness. Supplied as rolled, annealed, hardened and tempered.  Supplied as black round or square bar and bright round or square and hexagons.

Main uses: is used in components such as gears, shafts, studs and bolts.

BS 970 655M13
(EN 36)

A high quality nickel chromium case hardening steel.  Can be hard and to provide hard surface with a strong tough core. Supplied in as rolled condition in black square and round bar and bright round.

Main Uses: high duty gears cams and shafts.

BS 970 722M24
(EN 40B)

A three per cent chromium molybdenum nitride steel.  Provides good tough core strength with a hard nitride surface for wear resistance.  After Nitriding, a minimum surface hardness of 750 Vickers (VPN), equivalent to 62 Rockwell is achieved.
Supplied in as rolled, annealed, hardened and tempered condition in black square and round bar.

Main Uses : Gears, Cams, Gudgeon Pins, Pinions, Spindles, Pump Shafts

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