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Compressor Types

Dynamic Compressors

Dynamic compressors are capable of delivering large volumes of air but little pressure (0.5-3bar). These compressors are usually known as blowers and work by drawing air in and throwing it out with the use of rotary fins, these fins rotate at very high speed.

There are 2 main types of dynamic compressor, they are centrifugal and axial.
Centrifugal systems use centrifugal force to hurl air out from the fins, centrifugal systems can generally obtain greater pressures than the axial type compressor.

Axial type compressor use a set of fan blades in line to generate large air flow, pressures from this method aren’t expected to reach much over 0.5bar. The axial compressors are largely used for ventilation and as part of air processing.

Axial Compressor

Axial Compressor

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